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Whats New
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A community to support you! memberships open now!
10 ways to connect with your teens
Parenting is not meant to be done alone. We need the support of community to be our best parenting selves.

Parenting is challenging for everyone... especially when kids become teens... especially when teens are struggling with mental health challenges.

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We're here for you!


If you relate to at least one of the following- Then you’re right where you need to be! 

  • You have a pre-teen or teen (10-19 years old)

  • You are devoted to your child(ren) and want the very best for them

  • You are struggling to navigate parenting a teen with mental health struggles

  • Maybe you know a little about positive parenting

  • But, don't know what kind and firm parenting looks like when dealing with a teen engaged in risky behaviors


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"I truly believe our children are our biggest teachers and parenting is all about learning and growing ourselves so we can guide our children to do the same."


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