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The Teen Experience



Parenting teens is tough!

This Summit is dedicated to help parents navigate all the challenges that can come up;


holding kind and firm boundaries,

marijuana use,

screen time battles,

and lack of motivation in school.


We have found that when our kids are young there’s all kinds of support, but entering the teen years, that support is lacking. Many parents don’t have the time to read all the books, so we want to create a practical resource. Our goal for this summit is to help parents of teens, feel supported and confident on their parenting journey. 

Meet your hosts

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Kristina Saelee

"I truly believe our children are our biggest teachers and parenting is all about learning and growing ourselves so we can guide our children to do the same."

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Ken Becker

"How we raise our children will have a profound impact on them as they grow into adults.  I believe we ALL need more support in this wonderful and challenging work of parenting."

10 Experts Offer FREE Support for Parents to Guide their Teens 

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October 18th - 22nd, 2021
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we Can't wait for you to meet your speakers


Dr. Lynyetta Willis

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Ray Lozano

Sarah Rosensweet

Summit Session: 
Breaking generational patterns

Summit Session: 
How to respond when triggered by teen attitude

Summit Session: 
Risky behavior and addiction

Summit Session: 
How to hold on and let go
in the teen years


Casey O'Roarty

Summit Session:
Personal experience parenting teens with depression and anxiety


Brittany Cephas

Summit Session:
Depression and anxiety in teens


Kim Muench

Summit Session: 
Limiting beliefs and walking the tightrope of risky behavior


Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Summit Session: 
Challenging behavior and your teen with ADHD


Diana Graber

Summit Session: 
Screens, media and limits with your teen


Jo Langford

Summit Session: 
Sexuality and consent in emerging from the pandemic

Cary Kish.png

Cary Kish

Summit Session: 
Challenges of single parenting

Who is this summit for?

Parents/Guardians with Teens

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