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About kristina

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I am a Parent Coach. I coach parents of teens struggling with Depression learn how to connect, support and advocate for their teen's through my 5 steps to emPOWERed Parenting Program.

As the mom of five amazing children (Desmond, 27; Darius, 24; Karissa, 21. Tomo'ra, 17 and Laurence, 15), I have found comfort in my understanding of positive parenting practices and would love nothing more than to connect with other parents around the work of raising confident, capable, and cooperative children. 

I love working with families because I deeply believe we ALL need more support in this wonderful and challenging work of parenting. What I love about the Positive Discipline approach is that it is rooted in the belief that our deepest human desire (after food and safety) is a sense of love, belonging and significance. I teach Positive Discipline because it is rooted in respect, both for one’s self and one’s children.


I have a BAS in Youth Development and I am Certified in Positive Discipline, Collaborative Problem-Solving, Emotion Coaching, Amen Brain Health and as a Certified Transformational Life Coach.


In my work as a Behavior Specialist, I have experience working with children with anxiety, ADHD, behavior disorders, social-emotional needs and autism spectrum disorders. In my work as a youth and family therapist I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-informed Cognitive Behavior Therapy and other modalities.


In my own life, I have experienced parenting as a teenager, through divorce and as a single-parent. I strongly believe that it is possible for children to thrive despite these difficult challenges.  

​I facilitate parenting workshops, as well as, offer one-on-one coaching. I would love to work with you on this amazing journey of parenthood.

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