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Are you a parent of a tween/teen? Are you worried about your teen’s mental health and/or behavior challenges? Join my Group Coaching program in which I cover my 5 Steps to emP.O.W.E.Red Parenting

Kick Your Teen's Depression to the Curb Webinar

5 Steps to emPOWERed Parenting!

October 25th 6-8pm PST

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Meet me, Kristina Sealee, your Parenting Coach

Parenting is not meant to be done alone.  I have worked with hundreds of parents who struggle with a teen who has depression, regulating emotions, and more.  Are you exhausted and feel you are out of options? Join my 10-week coaching program as I go over the 5 steps to help strengthen your relationship.

On this Coaching Session, we will cover my unique 5 steps of parenting.

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Are you worried about your teen’s mental health and feel powerless to help them? Go from feeling powerless to emPOWERed with my 5 Step program. Learn how to create powerful connection, regulate emotions, work through problems, navigate risky behaviors and advocate for your teen.

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“Working with Kristina has literally been life-saving! I was so worried about my daughter and didn’t know how to help her. Kristina gave me the tools and confidence I needed to be the best parent I could be for my daughter and help her through her terrible depression. My daughter and I are closer than ever and she now opens up to me!”

Sarah M. 

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Remember, this is an intensive 10-week coaching program with tangible advice and strategies to dramatically improve your relationship.

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