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5-week online workshop
5 Steps to empowered Parenting


5 Thursdays, February 2nd-March 2nd

7pm-8:00 pm PST


If your teen is struggling with Depression and you aren't sure how to best support them, this workshop is for you! – We are offering a 5 week class ONLINE so that you can learn all of the  tools you need to show up as a more connected, encouraging and present parent to your teen, supporting them through Depression.

Maybe your teen is self isolating, won't open up to you about what they're feeling or having emotional outbursts... Maybe they're struggling with suicidal ideation or are cutting… Maybe they're refusing to go to school or have started self-medicating with alcohol or marijuana.

I’ve got you! No matter the challenges you are facing, learning the tools and strategies in this workshop will help you best support your teen through this very scary time. Parenting a teen with Depression can feel very lonely, but you don't have to do it alone!

Invest in your family today!  

Enrollment is open NOW for Parenting Your Depressed Teen!

Custom Workshops

Are you or your organization in need of a parenting class on sibling rivalry, screen-time battles, or another specific topic? I can create a custom workshop for you! Below are some examples of workshops I’ve done:


  • Growing Resilient Children                         

  • Help! My Child/Student Won’t Listen!

  • Family Meetings/Class Meetings

  • Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem

  • Ground Your “Helicopter” Parenting

  • Meet the Tween/Teen

  • Divorce or Separation: How to Navigate Co-Parenting

  • The Five Languages of Children/Teens

  • Screen-time:The Struggle to Find the Right Balance

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