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Empowered Parenting Workshops

During our 6 weeks together, you’ll learn alongside other parents and caregivers like yourself while we collectively dive deep into the heart of Positive Discipline and embrace the possibility that we can build a family filled with fun, cooperation and mutual respect.


Each week, we’ll focus on helping our kids build the life-skills they need to be the successful, caring and amazing humans we know they can be. We’ll deal with the messiest of parenting issues and give you time to practice the skills and strategies that might be more helpful and effective.


This is a hands-on, skill-building class, where we look at what our kids’ behavior is telling us, and use a relationship-focused and brain-informed approach to encourage a more positive and cooperative response.

$150/pp or $250/couple | *Sliding scale scholarships available upon request.

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6-week online workshop

Get Your Kids to Listen without yelling


6 Saturdays, November 14th-December 19th

10am-11:00am PST

If you have been interested in taking a Positive Discipline parenting class but the stars just haven’t lined up, I am going to make it SUPER EASY for you - I am offering a 6 week PD class ONLINE so that you can learn all of the theory and tools you need to show up as a more connected, encouraging and present parent to your kids.

Maybe you're wishing your kids would help out more around the house… Maybe you wish they could get along better… Maybe you wish that screen time/bedtime/mealtime wasn’t such a HASSLE!!!

I’ve got you. No matter the challenge you are facing, learning Positive Discipline tools and strategies will support you in showing up in a way that will increase the likelihood of contribution and collaboration in your home.

Invest in your family today!  Invest in your sanity!

Enrollment is open NOW for Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling Workshop!

Custom Workshops

  • Divorce or Separation: How to Navigate Co-Parenting

  • The Five Languages of Children/Teens

  • Screen-time:The Struggle to Find the Right Balance

Are you or your organization in need of a parenting class on sibling rivalry, screen-time battles, or another specific topic? I can create a custom workshop for you! Below are some examples of workshops I’ve done:


  • Growing Resilient Children                         

  • Help! My Child/Student Won’t Listen!

  • Family Meetings/Class Meetings

  • Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem

  • Ground Your “Helicopter” Parenting

  • Meet the Tween/Teen

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