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Encouragement inspires courage, the courage to take risks and make mistakes. Encouragement recognizes effort and improvement, rather than just the perfect product. Encouragement comes from an attitude of respect and appreciation. Encouragement invites children to change for themselves and to think for themselves.

In the long-term, encouragement nurtures self-confidence, self-reliance and a sense of feeling worthwhile without the approval of others.One example that comes to mind is how my children were all athletes and how sports provided many opportunities for encouragement.

My daughter was a competitive gymnast. Gymnastics is a tough sport, continuously being judged on the minutest details. Which meant encouraging her to focus on beating her last score, not placing first. It took loads of courage for her to take risks and make mistakes. Not just cheering when she landed a back tuck, but also cheering her on when she fell off the beam.I always made clear my respect and appreciation for her hard work and dedication to the sport. Not just admiration for all the gold medals she earned.

Moreover, when she did earn that gold medal, reminding her that that medal represented all her hard work.Gymnastics required a lot of sacrifice, spending countless hours in the gym, which meant the drive to improve had to come from within herself.

Also, gymnastics like most competitive sports, is a mental game, requiring her to think for herself and believe in herself.

I spent many hours on the sidelines energetically sending her my support. Praying that she would safely make her connections.

Gymnastics nurtured self-confidence and self-reliance within her.

I lovingly supported and encouraged my daughter for 10 years of her gymnastics career and when she decided

to give it up I had to lovingly support her and encourage her to follow a new dream for herself.


Your Parenting Coach,


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